Equine Expo Booth Pricing

  • First 10X10 Commercial Space 4670-3310 - $525
  • Second 10X10 Commercial Space 4670-3310 - $425
  • Third 10X10 Commercial Space 4670-3310 - $375
  • Fourth 10X10 Commercial Space 4670-3310 - $325
  • Additional 10X10 Commercial Space 4670-3310 - $300
  • Association or Non Profit Exhibit Space 4670-3310 - $275
  • Breeders Trainers Stables Space 4670-3310 - $275

(Outdoor space available – Please contact for pricing)

Your booth includes:

  • 8′ tall back drape
  • 3′ tall side drape when there is a booth next to yours
  • 110 watts power

Commercial Booths:

  • 2 weekend wristbands or 4 daily wristbands per 10X10 booth

Association/Breeder Booths:

  • 1 weekend wristband or 2 daily wristbands per 10X10 booth


*All applications are subject to review and approval by selection committee.

Your booth space:

  • Must be fully operational until the show ends on Oct 29th 2023, exhibitors found dismantling or closing shops in any way prior to the end of the show may lose the opportunity to rebook for the 2024 show
  • Location will be at the discretion of the Saskatchewan Equine Expo
  • Must be constructed within your purchased footprint due to fire regulations. Booths not compliant with this will be asked to adjust their booth. If reconstruction is not completely in a timely fashion, a fine may be issued in writing to the booth operator.
  • Must not have loud or disruptive machinery, equipment or loud music played within your booth space.

Please provide us with Categories your Booth Falls Under

List items or services that will be displayed or promoted, that define the nature of your company’s business as you would like it to be show in the Show Guide

If you have any questions regarding your application please contact: 306-931-7149 or email: agmanager@prairielandpark.com